Be attached to Purpose not the means

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Be attached to Purpose not the means

Its natural, when there is no clear way forward, when expectations are thwarted we automatically think there is something wrong and we could have done better.

That is why purpose is so important, what we get attached to are the means by which we achieve our purpose and think the purpose is under threat, which is not the case at all, it just means another possibility is required and it will probably be a better way, why? Because we think first of the easier ways which are simply re-cycled solutions from your past, when you find they don’t work we often feel angry or lost or blame ourselves for not being good enough.  Now is the opportunity to be far more creative…..and find new possibilities.

That’s why in Lean, we have more than one countermeasure when we are looking for solutions, we force ourselves to look for solutions beyond the obvious. We must not be attached to any countermeasure, if one does not work you already have a plan b, but remember the purpose remains constant even if your means of achieving it have to change.

3 thoughts on “Be attached to Purpose not the means

  1. This point was a significant learning experience for me.

    I had a particular countermeausure which would have made a quicker impact towards my purpose, but due to circumstances outside of my control it was not possible to pursue that particular countermeasure.

    However, understanding that I have other countermeasures in place and in motion towards my purpose, I was able to let go of being attached one particular countermeasure, and I was free again, and could turn off and shut down the negative noice in my head. This allowed me not to give up on my purpose and to continue to move towards it.

  2. it is great to read again about purpose and the value of a well defined purpose … in the last weeks i had to think about the differentiation between purpose and vison. Is it only plaing with words or is there more behind? Is it the vision that brings order to our life and order is required for the fulfillment of purpose? What are your thoughts?

  3. Purpose I would say is the most important thing to get right, it is the thing to get you out of bed on very bad days.

    Purpose is the reason for doing something, Vision is how you would imagine the world to be if you achieved the purpose.

    As good illustration would be Martin Luther King, his purpose was simply equal rights for coloured people. His vision is wonderfully illustrated in his ‘I have a Dream’ speach..

    Both Purpose and Vision are needed for motivation during difficult times and set backs.

    What my article is trying to say is that the activities or approaches we take to meet our purpose are not important (assuming they are ethical) and we should not be attached to a particular course of action or activities to realise our purpose, we are free to choose again to find something that works.

    I have seen so many people fail becuase they are attached to the means not the outcomes.

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