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Agile Review Magazine: „Für mich heißt Lean vor allem: Menschen, Menschen, Menschen“

Agile Review Magazine: „Für mich heißt Lean vor allem: Menschen, Menschen, Menschen“

Stephen Parry spricht mit Doreen Timm über Lean,
den Aufbau von Organisationen, die am Kunden orientiert sind
und woran Manager gemessen werden sollten.


Der Titel deines Buches lautet „Sense and Respond“ – was genau ist damit gemeint? Der Titel stellt eine Aufforderung an Organisationen dar, sich viel eingehender mit den Bedürfnissen ihrer Kunden zu beschäftigen. Es reicht nicht aus zu wissen, welche Wünsche der Kunde bezüglich des Produkts oder der Dienstleistung hat, sondern welcher tatsächliche Zweck erfüllt werden soll und welches Ziel der Kunde verfolgt.

Warum das wichtig ist? Traditionell arbeiten Organisationen nach dem Motto „Ich produziere etwas und vermarkte
es“; man identifiziert sich mit dem Produkt oder dem Service, den man anbietet und betreibt dann großen Aufwand, um den Kunden zu überzeugen, dass er dieses Produkt unbedingt braucht. Dem gegenüber stehen Organisationen, die sich nach dem Prinzip Erkennen und Reagieren (Sense and Respond) ausrichten: Sie definieren sich über den Wert, den sie für ihre Kunden schaffen und sind bereit, ständig mit neuen innovativen Produkten und Dienstleistungen auf veränderte Anforderungen zu reagiere

Download the full article here Agile Review Interview Parry Sense and Respond

Stephen Parry Speaking at Digital Conference: Lincolnshire Launches Super Fast Broadband Network

Stephen Parry Speaking at Digital Conference: Lincolnshire Launches Super Fast Broadband Network

In the press: Stephen Parry

Digital Expertise Offer at #godigital2013 Conference

Posted on 01 February 2013.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel LincolnThe first ever onlincolnshire Digital Conference will be held at the DoubleTree – Hilton Lincoln on 13th March 2013

Experts on the internet, social media, newspapers and business development will speak at an event in March aimed at encouraging businesses to ‘go digital’ in 2013.

Organisers of the onlincolnshire Digital Conference have lined up international speaker Stephen Parry from Lloyd Parry, who has won awards for his creative business methods, along with Trefor Davies from Timico Technology Group, Jonathan Fitzgerald from Lincolnshire County Council’s communications team and Richard Duxbury from Lincolnshire Media, which publishes the Lincolnshire Echo.

The idea behind the event is to inform, engage and connect Lincolnshire businesses so they don’t get left behind the rest of the UK when superfast broadband arrives. It will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Lincoln on 13th March 2013.

Stephen, whose firm helps businesses across the globe embrace new technology and change the way they work to fully take advantage of it, will explain how companies can encourage their employees to be more creative and innovative.

“Super connectivity is the digital equivalent of the railway coming to town, providing new opportunities, new types of work and access to new markets,” said Stephen, who has received awards from the European Service Industry for the Best People Development Programme and a personal award for innovation and creativity.

“A new mind set and skill set is needed to ensure the technology works for the people and not the other way around.”

Richard’s talk is set to explain how the media industry has embraced the digital age to continue to be able to provide news and information to the local community.

He added: “Faced with significant challenges associated with how people are now accessing information, our multimedia approach really is growing our audience. The unrivalled reach of local people is only possible by constantly evolving the business and embracing new technologies.”

Trefor Davies is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Timico Technology Group. His blog trefor.net is one of the most widely read in the UK telecommunications industry and is often referenced by the UK media including the BBC, Telegraph and Guardian. Radio appearances include the BBC Radio4 Today Programme, 5 Live Breakfast and a number of BBC local radio stations. His talk will look at the technologies available and offer examples of how some Lincoln-based businesses have benefited from new digital services.

The council’s Strategic Communications and Digital Engagement Officer, Jonathan Fitzgerald, meanwhile will demonstrate the power of social media. He said: “Lincolnshire County Council has connected with its audiences using the power of different facets of social media. This talk won’t just be about how local government uses social media, but how any brand or business can make creative use of it.”

Delegates will get a chance to take part in a question and answer session with all the speakers.

Details of the keynote speaker have not yet been announced.

Lincolnshire County Councillor Kelly Smith, Executive Member for Finance and HR, said: “The county council will soon be rolling out first-class broadband across Lincolnshire. This conference will be a chance for businesses to find out more about the opportunities this will bring for them.

“Many businesses aren’t aware yet of how to take advantage of the digital services that come with better broadband, and the many commercial opportunities through improved efficiency, connection with customers and exposure to an expanding global market. Our aim with the conference is to change that.”

The conference is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and organised by digital specialists CDI Alliance on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council.

Selected suppliers and Digital Business Cluster members will be invited to showcase and demonstrate their online and digital products and services to the delegates, highlighting the local knowledge, skill and expertise available within the county.

Further details about the conference, including the name of the keynote speaker, will be announced in the coming weeks, but people can keep up to date by visiting www.onlincolnshire.org, following @onlincolnshire and #godigital2013 on Twitter or by joining the onlincolnshire Business Support group on Linkedin.

Do we need an Ethical Framework in the Software Development and IT Business?

Do we need an Ethical Framework in the Software Development and IT Business?

Stephen Parry 1st Grant Rule Talk Transcript


The Grant Talks

Even though many of us work in a world of analysis, data and detailed measurements, Grant never forgot what it was all for, he challenged everyone to help people do better work, improve themselves along with their companies and societies, to realise their human potential to create possibilities for a better life.

So how do we respond to his challenge? How can we influence companies who are simply concerned with shareholder capital without respect for human capital starting with the software development business?

The Grant Rule Trust. The Trust will be seeking to promulgate the insights into effective business practice discovered or inspired by Grant through a series of “Grant Talks” www.grantrule.org


 By Stephen Parry

Author of Sense and Respond

Grant Rule Memorial Talk Number One    

UK Software Metrics Association 23rd Annual Conference: 21st Century Metrics


Do we need an Ethical Framework in the Software Development and IT Business?

Social Capital

I want to make this notion of ‘social capital’ and changing the lives of people by changing the work environment, particularly software development and IT environments, the main theme for today.

When discussing software development, Grant talked about issues like technical debt, he worked very hard to reduce it by creating and teaching methods to produce software products that worked with little or no rework, that meet the needs of customers and the business.  When he did so, he kept stressing that the work climate needed to foster respect for people, create a blame-free approach and even eradicate fear in the workplace.  This way, software developers could become creative, innovative and adaptive.

Purposeful measurement

Unfortunately, software and IT measurement and development methods in the hands of a particular management style and approach, ones that tend to treat knowledge work as if it were a commodity, is sadly all too common.  Often there are well-intentioned managers who use software and IT measures for the wrong purposes, applying them in order to create work intensification, to assign blame and target under-performing staff.  The wrong measurement applied for the wrong reasons in the wrong way often results in the wrong people being placed in the wrong……. read more….

Download the full transcription here.Stephen Parry 1st Grant Rule Talk transcript

Call for an Ethical Management Framework for Software Development and IT Companies

Listen to Stephen Parry deliver the first Grant Rule Memorial Lecture to an audience at the UK Software Measurement Association (UKSMA) Conference: ’21st Century Metrics’

Title of the talk: An Ethical Management Framework call to action. Grant Rule: A champion for human potential.

Grant Rule was the founding Director of SMS,and was a recognised software metrics “guru” and a pioneer of Lean Systems Thinking.

In this the first in a series of talks commemorating Grants’s contribution to the world of software systems, Stephen Parry picks up the challenge that was closest to Grant’s heart  – how can we realise our human potential to create possibilities for a better life?

In this recording, Stephen asks us all to consider how  we can respond to this challenge. When software is at the heart of most of the modern world, how can software professionals influence companies who are simply concerned with shareholder capital without respect for human capital, or knowledge capital?


Message from Stephen Parry: If you would like to be involved with the development of an Ethical Management Framework for Software Development and IT companies then just leave a message on our message board. Thank You.




Lean Kanban Conferences

Lean Kanban Conferences

Stephen Parry Keynote Speech.

Author of Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose.

Lean and Kanban:  What’s the purpose?

This keynote speech will discuss what we mean by changing our thinking and the mind-sets of organisations.  What are the challenges for our methods and our movement as a whole? How are we dealing with those challenges and what is needed from our community for future success. In essence, what is Lean Kanban’s purpose and have we set our sights high enough?