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Gods of Management: The Changing Work of Organisations (Organizations)


Find your god
I like Handy’s writing style and have read most of his books, what I particularly like about this publication is that its not his usual commentary about the way the world of work is changing, rather it provides a framework for most managers, particularly new managers to understand the cultural dynamics of their organisation.

Each type of organisation is characterised by one of the Greek gods, its a useful analogy and he is quite playful with the portrayal of each god type.

Identifying the ‘god’ type operating within your organisation, then understanding its character allows any manager to position their work in way that would be understood and accepted by the hierarchy. It also helps a manager steer clear of incurring their wrath.

I recommend this book as a great primer for anyone learning about organisational dynamics for the first time.

It was simply a joy to read and very useful, Excellent.

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