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Starting with a Blame free culture, allows reality to be seen, this in turn leads to trust, which leads to transparency which leads to the right actions, which leads to results.  That is the sequence….. Expecting business results and transparency first demonstrates ignorance of how to release the potential of people. – A bit like wanting to see the baby immediately after conception.

3 thoughts on “Lean Transformation Sequence

  1. The starting point as we know starts with the customer.

    What is the reality the customer is experiencing? Does the customer trust us and why? Are we transparent with our customers and why? Are the actions being taken deliver the customer’s business outcomes, and how do you know?

  2. Yes the starting point is customer purpose, however we are not usually trying to transform the customer, we are trying to transform the organisation to respond to the customers real needs, that requires surfacing real problems not keepin them hidden.

    People keep problems hidden for a reason — its not safe to surface them, hence there can be no transformation without creating a safe environment ‘blame free’ etc….

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