Learn Lean by doing? not if its swimming.

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Learn Lean by doing? not if its swimming.

I was recently delivering a seminar on creating a lean climate, and telling people that trying to intellectualize the various lean components in order to understand and appreciate adaptive-lean was futile, it was like learning to swim without water.

I have used this analogy for many years. So you can expect my surprise when a student from Denmark shouted out – ‘But you can learn to swim without water, well at least that’s what they were teaching pupils in Scandinavia!’

There followed a brief conversation of disbelief on my part and then I asked him to prove it… so we googled it and sure enough he was right…..  See what you think, please share your views……

Here is the article in full.

Students must learn to swim far from the water

School swimming lessons have been cut for 20% of the country and in other areas replaced by tørsvømning in the classroom. Danish Sports Association fear it will mean more drowning’s.

Breaststroke is trained on the tables in the classrooms. Or on the floor.

Tørsvømning is beiswimmingng given to school children in 20% of the municipalities where it has ditched the traditional swimming lessons, according to a study by University of Southern Denmark.

Tørsvømning is the only option some schools have to teach swimming where the school does not have a swimming pool or where the school has no money to spend on bus transportation. “But we live in a country with 7.500 km coastline. It is basically very important that we learn to swim”says Pia Holm Christensen, director of the Danish Swimming Federation.

She believes that education and safety precautions can easily be taught in the classroom, but swimming skills are impossible without going into the water.

The Danish Sports Federation expressed the same concern. “To learn to swim without water is like trying to learn to ride a bike by reading about it in a book. It cannot be done. We fear that the cuts will mean that we will see more drowning accidents in the future, when the Danes do not have basic swimming skills in place, “says Steen Dahl Petersen from the Danish Sports Federation.

Rescue and Lifesaving a Critical Education Goal.

Though schools in a fifth of the municipalities cannot find the resources to send students to traditional swimming lessons, they must continue to teach swimming. The ministry’s so-called ‘Shared Goal’ for primary schools is that children should learn rescue and lifesaving. And so now they teach tørsvømning. “Of course they cannot learn how to rescue or to save lives. You can talk to them about common sense and precautions when on the beach” says Pia Holm Christensen.

“We probably would reintroduce swimming lessons starting next school year. We are working on the on-going budget negotiations. It was a bad decision to cut swimming lessons away in his time, “says Haderslev Socialist mayor Jens Christian Gjesing.



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