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Following an 8 year period of scientific research, an innovative new business diagnostic has been developed which is able to predict the likelihood of financial success for individual businesses.

Climetrics ® is the work of Stephen Parry, an internationally recognised authority on the Lean business model which looks at providing genuine value for the customer, while minimising business costs and maximising profits, through a change in organisational thinking and behaviour.

Climetrics ® provides a thorough analysis of a business’s psychological profile, which Stephen calls its ‘service climate’, through a combination of onsite assessment and online surveys.  Business areas subject to analysis include operations, organisational structure, business goals, customer responsiveness and employee job roles.

It is based on the results of research carried out in conjunction with Dr Gary Fisher of Warwick University, which has identified the psychological profile within businesses that is most likely to lead to long term profitability.  The research shows that responsive organisations which maximise the potential of its employees and adapt to meet customers’ true needs are better placed for long term financial success.

“The results match the principles of Lean perfectly and therefore form the foundations of the Climetrics ® diagnostic, which is the science behind the approach,” said Stephen, who is also owner of business transformation organisation, See Business Differently, a  LloydParry company.

“For example, a Climetrics ® survey of 341 people in one organisation showed that only 14% of staff made decisions with the customer in mind.  Not only was the organisation not focused on meeting customer needs, but employees were unable to fulfil their potential and prospective new business opportunities in terms of product or service development were being lost.  Climetrics ® shone a bright light on the cultural change required in the organisation for the long term benefit of all.”

Stephen sees the development of Climetrics ®, which he is launching at a series of lectures across Europe this September and October (Vienna, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Paris, London), as an opportunity to re-establish what he terms as ‘real Lean’.

“We’ve seen a dumbed down version of Lean emerge over the past few years – quick fix improvement methods cunningly disguised as Lean.  But ‘real Lean’ is not about short cuts or easy answers.  It’s about total re-design, not a quick cut and paste exercise.  Climetrics ® doesn’t pull any punches in its analysis of an organisation’s long term prospects if it doesn’t change.”


Notes to Editors

 For further information, please contact: Stephen Parry on +44 (0) 7838 114997

Facts about Stephen Parry

  • Stephen Parry is a leading expert in the fields of Lean organisational design, business transformation and Lean leadership.
  • He is owner/manager of See Business Differently, a member of the Lloydparry group.
  • Stephen is co-author of the book, “Sense and Respond: the journey to customer purpose”, which presents an approach to business based on Lean Service Principles.
  • Clients include SAP, BT, TNT, local government, police authorities and financial services organisations.
  • Stephen speaks regularly at international events and respected business schools such as Cranfield School of Management and the Fisher Business School at Ohio University.  He is a Faculty Member of the USA Lean Enterprise Institute, visiting Fellow at the Professor Dan Jones Lean Enterprise Academy in the UK and a regular judge at the national business awards and the national customer experience awards.
  • He has been interviewed on Radio 4 and featured in documentaries on BBC1 and Channel 4.

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