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4.0 out of 5 stars Insightful, proven, necessary in today’s world,26 Nov 2012
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I find the book very insightful. It offers proven new methods for organisation architecture and management. For those who until now had contact only with “classical” (Tayloristic) management techniques, book will offer new very interesting and challenging ideas and views.
I especially liked parts with typical comments of the employees in specific situations and comparison between new management model vs mass-production management model.
I think that most of company owners in today’s world should read this book and have in mind ideas mentioned here.

I didn’t give 5 stars to the book only because I prefer to have theory and examples mixed. Theoretical part of the book has 4 major chapters and only after reading all of them, you will get to the examples part in which writers describe how it all looked in practice. For example, mixture of examples and theory which you can find in book Kanban by David J Anderson is perfect for me. Simply, I understand better theory when example follows immediately.

One thought on “Sense and Respond Book Review by Tomislav Petrovic

  1. Stephen Parry says:

    I think your comment about the provision of examples is fair comment. We struggled with this ourselves and asked many questions. The following outlines our reasoning.

    1) Initially we had examples throughout the book, but our extensive reviewers and potential readers gave very definite feedback that the examples while they were appropriate actually got in the way of seeing the Sense and Respond methods as a completely integrated approach. What the examples inadvertently did was to give the impression that each example could be a point fix.

    2) We removed all the examples from within the main chapters; this in effect took out about three chapters’ worth of material.

    3) We then compiled two full case studies to illustrate the whole approach rather than individual point fixes. – The feedback we received indicated that it was much clearer in its management principles and the cases provided a holistic view. So we took our own medicine Sensing and Responding.

    We addition we deliberately resisted the temptation to pepper the book with examples from any company we had not worked with – this seems to be a problem with many business books today with authors doing a post hock, cherry picking analysis of what companies like Amazon, Dell, IBM or any other big company did just to illustrate the point they were making in their commentary. (Please note Kanban by David J Anderson is not in this category of books, that’s an excellent book with lots of integrity). In reality they were usually distorted incomplete interpretations of what actually happened but the damage will have been done with these examples passed off as great insight from an author who was greatly removed from the situation.

    I am pleased you liked the book, and thank you for spending time writing the review.

    Warm Regards.

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