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Sense and Respond: The journey to customer purpose by Stephen Parry

Foreword   Dr Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld                                                                  


Part I         Putting the customer first


Chapter 1      The Journey to Customer Purpose: optimising business effectiveness                                                                         

Meeting the customer’s needs

The Journey to Customer Purpose: customer service at the heart of the organisation

Mass production vs. Customer Value Principles

The soft stuff is the hard stuff – and it’s the only stuff


Chapter 2      Focusing on the customer: a paradigm shift

‘Old world’ and ‘new world’ thinking

Transform or mutate?

Creating customer success

Organisational waste

The ghost of mass production past

The Theory-to-Performance Model

Sustained focus on customer purpose


Part II        The Journey to Customer Purpose: Re-View

Introduction   Professor Daniel T. Jones                                  


Chapter 3      Re-View: changing the point of view

Sensing what’s important to customers

Seeing the organisation as a system

A business system model

Investigating the system

Customer purpose defines customer value

Demand classification


Chapter 4      Re-View: end-to-end effectiveness

Seeing the organisation end-to-end

Measuring variation in performance

Investigation and analysis

Investigating an organisation: the experience of staff



Part III        The Journey to Customer Purpose: Re-Mind

Introduction   Bernard Marr                                                  


Chapter 5      Re-Mind: changing mental habits

Changing mind-sets

Paradigms and customer intelligence

Understanding the system

Reacting to customer purpose

Changing organisational thinking

What to measure in a Customer Value Enterprise®


Chapter 6      Re-Mind: a new way of thinking

Moving towards Customer Value Principles

Operating principles for customer value

Empowering frontline staff

Creating the flow of value

Keeping the organisation honest

Unlearning the past, responding into the future

Living through the change: the experiences of staff


Part IV        The Journey to Customer Purpose: Re-Inspire           

Introduction   Professor William Carney                                     


Chapter 7      Re-Inspire: the nature of leadership

Creating a Customer Leadership Culture

Barriers to change: organisational constraints

Barriers to change: staff resistance


Chapter 8      Re-Inspire: leading transformation

Customer leadership

Leadership at all levels

Finding common purpose

Sustaining change

The Transformational Leader


Part V           The Journey to Customer Purpose: Re-Create

Introduction   Gary Fisher, MA, CIPD


Chapter 9        Re-Create: an organisation that self-develops

Focusing on customers

Developing the people

Developing sales and marketing

Performance management

Customer management


Chapter 10       Re-Create: customer-centric management


Customer-centric operational strategy

Financial and commercial practices

Process management


Part VI                      Providing customer value


Chapter 11        Customer Value Enterprise®

Implementing a Customer Value Enterprise® strategy

Achieving an end-to-end Customer Value Enterprise®


Chapter 12        Abridged case study 1: Office Products Direct Europe

The case for change: a European company

Transformation to a Customer Value Enterprise®





Performance management

Job roles and structures

The results


Chapter 13        Abridged case study 2: Fujitsu Services Ltd

The case for change: a global company



The results- Making the transformational journey



Chapter 14           Customer purpose at the heart of the organisation

The journey of transformation

Characteristics of a true Customer Value Enterprise®