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Some Sense and Respond Book Reviews

  • Adaptive and Lean Management In a Service Economy.This is an honest assessment challenging the concept of customer value and customer purpose as it relates to Lean Management in service industries. The book fills the gap between Lean for manufacturing and Lean for services by introducing the philosophy of “Sense & Respond”. Whether embarking on a total Lean transformation, or even if you are working/managing a service environment, this book will challenge your notions and ask penetrating questions.
  • Once considered the domain of manufacturing and the auto industry, the authors describe how Adaptive-Lean management thinking can be deployed in a service based economy. Even more so that manufacturing, Lean in a service economy requires a balance of a both humanistic/personnel management and the scientific method. The authors also acknowledge the challenges and hurdles facing such transformational change and propose countermeasures for those beginning their Lean transformation.
  • From the onset, the authors ask a deceptively simple question: What is your customer’s purpose? Having personally going through this exercise with my own organization the results were fascinating. The authors propose that most companies believe they generate value for their customers measured by the amount of “work” that they do (i.e., number of problem tickets processed or phone calls handled in an IT environment). However after applying the Sense & Respond thought process organizations may quickly realize that the work they do is actually wasteful, and performed under the assumption that they understand their customer’s purpose – when in fact they are only restoring lost value (fixing things) rather than actually generating new value (removing the source of what is breaking things and refocusing efforts on truly added-value services).
  • Although the authors briefly describe the core concepts and various tool sets of Adaptive Lean Management and is written in a casual and non-scientific manner, this book is not for the uninitiated and requires some type of familiarity with the basics of Lean Management. The book also is not a “primer” or “blueprint” on how to actually deploy such a transformation – rather the intent is to stimulate new ideas and possibilities before such the journey begins. Overall the approach is described well with the perfect mix of academic/scientific knowledge combined with practical/real-world case studies and examples.
  • This book is an absolute must have for any organization which is serious about being a sustainable, relevant, and valued organization in the 21st century, and which can potentially become a leader in transforming an industry.
  • If your organization is serious about saving money, saving talent, unlocking the potential within their staff and most importantly holding onto and growing your customer relationships, it’s absolutely necessary to understand that ‘Adaptability’ and ‘Lean’ are not about tools,  It is about respecting people, trusting them and creating an organisation that gets out of the way of doing the right work.
  • Sense and Respond is based upon “Adaptability and Lean Principles”. If you are looking for lean tools, this is not your book. This book’s approach starts with the thinking. The underlying theme throughout the book is that Sense and Respond is about designing thinking systems, not systems thinking.
  • This book will provide the insight of powerful connection of being customer-centric and designing thinking systems, and how this can lead your organization to become a transformational leader in any given industry sector.
  • The Sense and Respond approach will lay out a very compelling perspective why it is no longer sustainable for organizations to focus on internal functional goals and siloed business units. It explains why customer-centric end to end delivery works.
  • This book is also about showing that everyone in the organization can be a leader of transformation. Transformation is what makes an organization innovative not just in terms of “technology” but also in terms of problem solving, and becoming the trusted advisor your customer has been wanting.

The purpose of these reviews is not to convince you, but to let you find out for yourself.