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The Gold Mine: A Novel of Lean Turnaround


Gems as well as gold
I guess the parallel with the book ‘The Goal’ by Goldratt, is no accident and as such is being asked to be compared. It is very similar in format, a novel style portrayal of a company trying to get back to profitability.

In the case of ‘The Goal’ they use a framework based on a ‘Theory of Constraints’ and the ‘Goldmine’ illustrates Lean Manufacturing Principles.

In terms of the story line, the goldmine book is a little weak because I never really get to know the characters or feel any concern or empathy for them. In these terms the ‘Goal’ wins hands down.

In terms of a practical and effective theory of management i.e. Lean Production then the Gold mine is far superior. We even get to see some practical examples worked out within the work environment context, its a sort of case study/documentary.

In conclusion, if you want a good story and poor theory then the Goal is a better choice. But remember, you can always buy a good novel instead.

If like me you want something that works in practice then the Goldmine is a clear winner.

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