The pain of evidence based leadership.

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We must always check our emotions and motivations as Lean leaders or any other type of leader in fact. We must honestly admit that all our views are temporary and subject to change in the light of new evidence.  This is what we mean by being unattached to an old idea or stories from the past.

You must be prepared to throw it all away if the evidence shows you should, and be prepared to fight for what is right when the evidence supports it.

The above statement will feel like hell for the 100%ers, those perfectionists who look for the absolute answer.

The statement below is also hell for 100%ers

“The problem with  trying to be scientific, and an honest intellectual, is that judgment is often required in assessing a claim or topic. The problem with relying upon one’s judgment is that it is fraught, even overwhelmed, with personal bias. The “default mode” of human behaviour (which means most people do this most of the time) is to construct an elaborate rationalization for what we already believe, and want to believe. The more intelligent we are, the more sophisticated and elaborate our rationalizations – giving more confidence in our conclusions, but not necessarily deserved.” Steven Novella NESS

Both statements for 100%ers can be used as an excuse for not taking action or responsibility.  For the leader they must take action knowing they might have it wrong and be prepared to change and suffer the pain of being wrong in front of their followers. As leaders we take the risk of pain knowingly. As 100%ers we avoid the risk of pain knowingly.

Leaders use science to show reality and take responsibility to create possibilities to change reality.

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